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About El Paseo, Colonia del Sacramento


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About El Paseo, Colonia del Sacramento

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The Paseo del Sol open-air shopping, touristic and cultural center, located in the historic center of Colonia de Sacramento (in 2000 this city was declared of historic interest by the local government), consists of nine retail shops.

The quality and variety of these shops enrich the appearance of this space, and solidify it as a veritable landmark within the city.

At the Paseo del Sol, one can enjoy culinary delights, craftwork, jewelry and clothing as well as local art and music. It is truly an experience unlike any other the city has to offer.   In part, this is due to the setting, which recovers and reinforces a balance between the environment and functionality, making Colonia’s historic center one of the nicest places to see in the city. Visitors can enjoy this open space every day of the year, and are always welcome.

From atop the Paseo’s terrace, we invite you to enjoy the best views of the River Plate, along with its amazing sunsets, coastal islands and, in the background, the silhouette of Buenos Aires. You could also take a stroll through the classically-styled central courtyard, decked out with stone floors and surrounded by climbing vines and Pindó palms. Distinct architectural elements are harmoniously combined with local flavor creating an environment where visitors can relax and enjoy art, culture and food, all the while experiencing typical Uruguayan cordiality.

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