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It is undeniable that the city of Colonia del Sacramento (founded in 1680 by the Portuguese Manuel de Lobo), steeped in a rich history of wars and conquests, of raids and ongoing skirmishes aimed at gaining exclusive access to the Viceroyalty of Peru, contains many stories and legends which increase this city’s mystique, and especially that of the historic district.

Colonia’s particularity is by no means lost on the Paseo del Sol. In fact, this cultural, commercial and tourist destination is rumored to have participated in making of many historical anecdotes. It is said that this emblematic corner of the city, situated near the lighthouse and the Matriz Church, once served as a garage where the landed elite, mostly Spanish and Portuguese, stored their carriages and travel supplies, commonly used in unstable times alternating between war and peace.

Years later, with the emergence of the Portuguese city, La Nova Colonia do Santíssimo Sacramento, which later become Colonia del Sacramento, and part of the Republic of Uruguay, the Paseo del Sol returns to prominence as the district’s old bakery, a pillar of Uruguayan culture.

Nowadays, the Paseo del Sol is an open-air commercial, cultural and tourist center. There are a total of nine shops, which offer a variety of top quality products. In addition, the Paseo del Sol is known for offering a wide array of activities, closely linked to local culture, music and art. Visitors also come to admire the architecture and the great view of the River Plate.

We cordially invite you to visit this landmark, located in the heart of the historic district, and take part in making history in this city.