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Novidades e Eventos no Paseo del Sol, centro turístico e comercial da cidade de Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay.


Dentro e Fora do Cuadro - Amostra de Arte em Colonia

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Local artists Andrés Oudri and Daniela G. Merladett (Potok) displayed their work at the Paseo del Sol, in Colonia del Sacramento.

This must-see exhibition did not lack color or fail to depict the idiosyncracy of the Uruguayan experience; in addition, it offered sight-seers a heavy dose of artistic creativity.

From the 15th until the 24th of April 2011, the Paseo del Sol open-air shopping, cultural and turistic center opened its doors to a multitude of visitors who were drawn in by the color and creativity of the aforementioned local artists. Their work was yet another reflection of a certain creative strain typical of the River Plate region, which has been the widely discussed in music, literature and art circles. On this occasion, tourists had the opportunity to witness firsthand this cultural expression at the Paseo del Sol in Colonia.

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